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Ewan’s Column on DigitalHealthNet

As well as his blog here  Ewan writes a regular column on DigitalHealthNet. Recent columns are:

Time to be brave, minister – November 2016

The NHS needs a digital transformation, yet its current plans are unambitious and there is little or no money for them (or anything else). Time, says Ewan Davis, to learn from Indian PM Narendra Modi: and do something brave to kick-start change.

Beyond Wachter: 1% for the 99% – Joint Piece  with Dr Tony Shannon – October 2016

Ewan Davis and Tony Shannon say there is a lot to like about the Wachter Review, but identify some worrying gaps between its approach and NHS policy. They call for an open platform and a challenge fund to secure digital transformation for all, and not just for the exemplars.

EPS – is it my fault? – September 2016

Ewan reflects wonders why he keeps running out of his repeat medication, ponders the hapless state of the so called Electronic Prescribing Service, fears that both are his fault, and says lessons need to be learned if the problems afflicting EPS are not to derail further digital health efforts.

Working on the (block)chain gang – September 2016

Some blockchain techs have great potential in healthcare. But the NHS needs to think carefully about which techs are useful and which are just hype.

On new leaders and hard and soft power – August 2016

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is back and the NHS in England has a set of new IT leaders. So far so good, but can they make the shift from wielding hard power to encouraging collaboration, ‘honourable failure’ and a willingness to embrace what works?

Putting lipstick on a pig – July 2016

Putting a few open APIs on a megasuite is not the same as creating an open platform. Still, while it’s somewhat akin to putting lipstick on a pig, it’s a step in the right direction – and some pigs can be very attractive.

Texas grass fertiliser and the postmodernEHR – June 2016

A postmodernEHR sounds like bullsh*t, right? Well, yes: but it could just be one of the most important developments in the history of the electronic health record…

The content challenge – May 2016

Clinicians not modellers need to define clinical content argues Ewan Davis.. That means using openEHR, and finding a body to drive the work; step forward the PRSB.

Open for debate – April 2016

Ewan Davis joins Digital Health’s roster of regular columnists, planning to explore open ecosystems, the best way to surface IT solutions, and the need for a kind of leadership; while drawing a little inspiration from Douglas Adams along the way.

Articles below are some earlier irregular contributions, to what at the time was EHI, made before the regular monthly column started in April 2016

Open sesame! – April 2015

Ewan Davis has been watching openEHR for fifteen years. It’s been a slow burn, but he reckons some recent developments mean it’s about to take off in a big way, and revolutionise digital health in the process.

From Russia with love – March 2015

Policy makers understand that health and social care needs to be integrated to address the needs of an aging population, and that new care organisations will need joined up IT and information. But do they understand how best to achieve that? Ewan Davis has his doubts; but suggests that the open approach taken in Moscow could be one way forward.

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