Digital Maturity Index?

It’s a good idea for health and social care organistaion to reflect on their digital maturity and understand where they are in relation to their peers.

The NHS Digital Maturity Index was a good proxy for what we all might reasonably recognise as digital maturity and potentially a great tool to stimulate reflection, benchmarking and change.

However, we seem to have forgotten what the likes or J Edwards Deming and Charles Goodhart have told us who said, respectively:

“Eliminate management by objective. Eliminate management by numbers and numerical goals,

Deming’s 11th point

As soon as the government attempts to regulate any particular set of financial assets, these become unreliable as indicators of economic trends.” have told us”

Goodhart’s Law

We’ve seen the same issue closer to home with the GP Quality and Outcomes Framework QoF which has been great at getting GPs to hit QoF targets, but not so great at addressing the crisis we currenty have in primary care.

Now the Digital Maturity Index has been linked to funding, career and organisational success people are understandably gaming it and it is ceasing to be a good measure of digital maturity, more a measure of gaming and political cunning that’s failing to deliver the organisational reflection that we desperatly need.

When are we going to learn?

2 thoughts on “Digital Maturity Index?”

  1. Spot on. Same applies to digital maturity as to any other management target. Expect to see lots of boxes ticked and fax machines smashed but not much real change. And the louder they shout about the index, the more boxes will be ticked and faxes smashed.

  2. I agree that the digital maturity index is inaccurate and likely to be gamed but has simply measuring it encouraged digital maturity?

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