Intellect Health Care Group

I’ve been an active member of what is now the Intellect Health Care Group since 1981 and was recently elected to its’ governing body the Health Care Council.

I’ve twice been Chair of predecessor groups and served on the Health Care Council from 1999 – 2001, but have just been an ordinary,  member for the last few years, but feel the time is now right for me to make a greater contribution.

Intellect is the trade association of the UK HI tech industry with a broad membership and activity in many sectors. The Health Care group is one of the largest and most active of it vertical market groups and provides members with learning and networking opportunities and the ability to feed their views in to the most senior levels of Government and the NHS.

The Intellect Health Care Group  has been going from strength to strength in recent years with a growing membership and an active joint programme with the DH and NHS Commission Board and active links with all of the leading bodies across health and care in the NHS,  Government, the professions, academia, industry and the third sector.

Membership includes most of the significant players in the UK Health IT market from major multi-national to SMEs and small consultancies like my own company and it position has been much strengthen over the last year by the decision of both EMIS and TPP to join filling one of the few significant gap in its membership.

Intellect is actually very welcoming to micro-enterprises and small SMEs, but many don’t discover it. I’ve already been working with Intellect to build links with the HANDI Community, which includes many companies at the smaller end of the scale and I glad to say I persuaded a number to join and enabled other to participate as guest in our programmes while they consider the benefits of membership.

Intellect is about creating opportunities for its members and in this context has been powerful advocate of open architectures and open standards. In my role on the Council I plan to encourage this and help Intellect articulate the industry position on how we deliver an open health care IT ecosystem.  I also intend to continue to work with the HANDI community to ensure Intellect attracts the companies in this community into the membership and builds stronger links with emerging micro-enterprises some of who we be the leading future market participants.

If you active as a commercial organisation in the healthcare market and your not a member of Intellect, you probably should be and if you are already a member I’m keen to hear your views so I can feed them in to Council discussion. If you not a commercial player, but interested in the sector I’m happy to explore with you how I might help you build partnerships with Intellect as many other organisations have done.

You will find more information about Intellect and the Health Care Group on the web site and Jon Lindberg, Head of Healthcare Programme, Intellect  020 7331 2021 is always happy talk to potential members or partners.